I am called by many names, some good and some bad but I prefer to be called SALYAH SALT. My story and personal experiences inspired me to create the SET APART LIVITY TRANSFORMATIVE community to help women who are affected by Narcissistic Abuse to gain the support they need to heal and to prevent other women from becoming a victim by a narcissist or other emotional predators who feed off women emotions and vulnerability.

I am an empath thriving survivor of Passive Aggressive Covert Narcissist Abuse (mother, sister, father, EX’s, friends, etc), I was surrounded on every side and shockingly I found out I was is not alone. They say a woman grow up to marry or date a man like her Father, and the saying is proving to be true, unfortunately, this has been my story, I end up married to and dated men just like my FATHER, he was a Passive Aggressive Covert Narcissist and a Sociopath.

Over the years I had to come to terms with my reality and face the Narcissists in my life and say no more of this dysfunctionality and pain that has plagued my life, the uncurable parasites. The only solution for me was to cut off the Narcissist parasites and vampires from my life to save what left of mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional health. I have the right to be happy and healthy and so do you.

With Torah, I regain the journey of healing thyself by reclaiming my self-worth, my strength, my identity, and my life purpose by using these simple steps: self-love, self-care, self-betterment, self-sufficient, and selfpreservation.  I realize my sanity was more important than being liked. So, I had to instantly create healthy boundaries to protect myself from such individuals or what I call emotional parasites and vampires.

My Torah journey helped me breath by breath to accept the reality of the Narcissism that has plagued my soul, mind, and body for many years since my birth.  By applying words from the Torah like how to live and how to love, and in that process of my awakening, I learn the greatest universal law “You shalt love the Most High your CREATOR with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind” ~ Deuteronomy 6:5. And “You shalt love your neighbor as THYSELF.” ~ Leviticus 19:18. 

After meditating on these two verses, everything became crystal clear to me, that in order for someone to love me authentically, purposefully, and intentionally, they must first love their creator, the only that create them and themselves without unwavering confidence. So, I conclude, how a person treats me is how they feel about their creator and themselves.

The narcissist, however, will have a difficult time in this area because narcissists do not love. Love requires authentic empathy and compassion; narcissist does not possess this. To be a 100% human being, one must conceive with the innate ability to display empathy and compassion for humanity.

Torah is the only guiding light under my feet, that helps me to walk through the valley of narcissistic vampires without any more fear, for Torah is now written on my heart and within my mind. Yes, indeed my creator is my rock, his works is perfect, all his ways are just, and the creator of TRUTH without iniquity; righteous and just is you, King of Eternity.

Beloved, you are not alone; HEALING IS NECESSARY, and Torah HEALS!


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